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Poor Culture is an inclusive and affirming faith-based community that inspires maximum participation, promotes personal and spiritual growth, and supports the building of a strong communities. Founded in 2017, Poor Culture is a Jesus centered pan-denominational and multicultural church beyond walls shepherded by Minister Karmen M. Smith. Poor Culture’s principal focus is the Morrisania and Claremont sections of the South Bronx.


Poor Culture is a faith-based organization focused on serving the Morrisania and Claremont sections of the South Bronx. We believe that how we live is as important as being alive. Together Poor Culture staff members, volunteers and the people we support work as partners providing services that are personalized to the needs of the community. We provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.


Open Position — Freelance Digital Storyteller

We are looking to hire a full-time Filmmaker/Storyteller that will oversee video production projects, motion graphics, and additional digital content for Mosaic. The primary responsibilities include the following: 

 - Create content across multiple platforms
 - Develop, create, and lead a team of volunteers
 - Collaborate, develop, write, and direct creative projects/films
 - Lead on-set production and operations of creative projects
 - Edit video content and other post-production tasks
 - Oversee additional Creative Arts assignments/tasks as designated by the PC Team 

Open Position — Freelance Grant Writer

We are seeking highly-qualified freelance Grant Writer specializing in State grant programs to work with Faith-based communities and diverse religious beliefs. Must be able to create award-winning grant applications and provide guidance to applicants in the development of their program design, budget and partnerships. Compensated on a per-project basis, based upon narrative length, with the potential of up to an additional bonus if awarded.

Candidate must be a self-starter, excellent at time management and client communication, and capable of managing a large workload under tight deadlines.