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The Communion

Easter is Minister Smith’s favorite holiday, and we are working on something special for this years Easter event.

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Deeper Conversations

Conversations are a spiritual practice. Yet, we have become a culture caught up in being offended. But, what happens after we are offended? When do we go deeper? Join me for a Deeper Conversation


Blind Spot

Art changes the way we see the world. This is “giving sight to the blind".” That’s why we are raising funds to take our community to see works of arts that challenge the way we see the world, in hope that it will inspire change in our community. Donate today!

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Health + Wellness

Mental and physical health issues often go untreated in our community. We need your support to offer free and low-cost talk therapy, fitness, and nutrition programming. Donate today!

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The Future

Made Simple.

Simplicity isn’t simple. It requires the constant questioning of “why,” we do what we do. Then, it is doing the entire process again. Never stop listening.