Poor Culture



This is a plea for the resurrection of love. Gun violence is a spiritual emergency. We must act NOW!

Music has the power to heal. So, I offer you “More Love” —the single. Download it now! All proceeds go to Poor Culture and into the fight for peace, because to God and God’s children, lives matter! I pray that we all choose this day to give more love, and more love, and more love.


Creating and cultivating




Founded in 2017, Poor Culture is an inclusive and affirming experimental faith community, in The Bronx, NY. 

What We Do

We create, cultivate, and connect community. We exercise the many ways in which we are a community that seeks to build God’s world. We create and support programming that inspires maximum participation, promotes personal and spiritual growth, and supports the building of a strong families.

Our Mission

Our mission is build God’s world. We seek to define and dismantle the systems that keep God’s people from living into the abundance of life.


Listening in


The power of community lies in listening to one another. Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to offer. In an increasingly plural society, out strength lies in listening to all voices—our voices.